Frac Sand  

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West Central Wisconsin is experiencing a large expansion of frac sand mining and processing operations.  To address growing interest in this activity, the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has compiled information regarding frac sand mining. There are various links to reports on general information, geology, environment, transportation, economic impact, planning, and regulations. Documents can either be downloaded or found at websites with those links provided. The ultimate decision to mine lies with the municipal officials, whose responsibility is to the people of their jurisdiction. The sheer volume of information can be daunting; however, we hope this will give municipal officials a starting point and the tools they need to make an informed decision.  

What is frac sand used for?

Frac sand is used to help extract oil and gas from previously hard-to-reach shale deposits. It is exported from Wisconsin to places with gas and oil bearing shale where it is used in a combined process called hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Frac sand is mixed with high volumes of water and chemicals and forced into the shale, where it holds open fissures allowing the oil or gas to be extracted.

The WCWRPC has divided issues into six categories. Many reports are listed under multiple headings because they cover more than one topic.

  • Transportation                             

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