West Central Wisconsin Comprehensive Plan

A Regional Vision for 2030


Wisconsin State Statute § 66.0309(9) states that regional planning commissions have a duty of making and adopting a regional plan that contains, at a minimum, the same required nine elements found in other local comprehensive plans.  The regional plan is advisory and there are no state requirements regarding consistency between the regional plan and local plans.
Planning Process 

The West Central Wisconsin Comprehensive Plan was adopted in September 2010 following a five-pronged public participation process that included:

  • Local government and public contacts, including a bottom-up review of local plans, county-level conditions and trends reports, and three regional workshops 
  • Policy guidance from a Regional Intergovernmental Coordination Group with 21 representatives from 21 towns, villages, cities, and counties 
  • Technical guidance from a Technical Advisory Group with over 50 representatives from public and private agencies and stakeholders 
  • Special populations input on behalf of youth, seniors, race/ethic groups, and the health care community 
  • Other public and media outreach, including various presentations, displays, and meetings (e.g., Synergy Conference survey, open houses) 

Plan Implementation
While the Region’s comprehensive plan is advisory, it has been used to guide local and multi-jurisdictional planning and development efforts throughout west central Wisconsin, such as:

  • The county-level conditions and trends reports have been used in numerous county and other local planning efforts, including the Barron, Chippewa, and St. Croix comprehensive plans, at a cost savings to local governments. 
  • The map atlas created as part of the project has been used by many local communities for their own projects. 
  • A Plan Implementation Guide was distributed to every municipality in the region, which included local examples, best practices, and planning concepts. 
  • The Region’s plan has guided WCWRPC’s project planning, grant research, and other initiatives.  An excellent example of this is our recent placemaking initiatives. 

Plan Documents

The following documents are available for download in PDF format through the links provided below:

West Central Wisconsin Regional Comprehensive Plan 2010 – 2030
This is the primary policy document with the regional vision, goals, and recommended strategies.

Barron County

Eau Claire County

Chippewa County

Polk County

Clark County

St. Croix County

Dunn County


  • State of the Region Working Papers:  Regional-level summaries of the county conditions and trends reports by plan element. 

Inventory of Plans, Programs, and Land Use Policies in West Central Wisconsin:  A comprehensive snapshot of existing policies and programs in our region.

The contact for this service area is:  Chris Straight