From maintaining quality and capacity of highways and rail service, to providing mobility for persons with disabilities and safety for school children, planning is the key to assessing current and future needs.  WCWRPC staff has a strong knowledge of all modes of transportation planning, rural and urban, as well as funding sources for all rural and urban transportation programs and modes to assist you in project implementation.   


Work efforts in the program include:  assisting WisDOT on statewide priorities, such as corridor studies and updates to the statewide transportation plan, regional rail system analysis and advocacy; assistance to counties in specialized transportation planning and coordination; and general local assistance to rural communities and counties on a wide variety of transportation issues.  Click here for the current Rural Work Program.

Urban – Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) 

The purpose of the MPO is to carry out a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive urban transportation planning process that results in plans and programs consistent with the planned development of the Eau Claire Urbanized Area and thereby satisfies the conditions necessary for the receipt of federal transportation funding for capital, operating, and planning assistance. 

The MPO also assists the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the development of the municipal point source element of the State’s Areawide Water Quality Management Plan and acts in an advisory role to the Department in matters concerning the implementation of the plan. 

Click here for current MPO business. 

Project Types    
  • Long Range Transportation Plan 


  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Bicycle and pedestrian plans 
  • Urban or rural transit development plans 
  • Highway capacity studies 
  • Grant writing and administration 
  • Access control plans 
  • Safe Routes to School plans
  • Corridor studies
  • Parking studies
  • Transit coordination studies
  • Highway project technical assistance


For a PDF handout with additional information click here.

The contact for this service area is: Eric Anderson